Saturday, April 27, 2013

Musings: Personality squatter

It's right on the tip of my tongue. I hate not remembering. Modernist novel. Possibly on the proletariat. There's a scathing depiction of a woman squatter that roams around and picks up personality traits from the people she encounters because she's so hollow inside she can't retain an identity of her own. And I think there's a Alice B. Toklas tie-in. Think it was rumored that the depiction was of her.


The reason it comes to mind? The last two guys I played with I ended up grilling kinda hard on personal matters and I kinda wonder where the line is drawn from severe empathy to some sort of parasitic relationship as I suck the life out of someone. I mean, when does the camera turn inward? And at the same time I note the irony of the question as I'm posing it to myself, wrapped up all tightly in my head like a Christmas present sealed in duct (duck?) tape. Thrashing but still not open.

An old bud of mine from San Francisco was in town. We had first met up north at some gay sporting league and he showed me around the seedier side of SF, taking me to the leather bars where the sex-charged energy of the place took over and I had him in my lap as we swapped some spit. Next trip up, he had me pinned to the bed while he grabbed onto the headboard and face-fucked me until we both unloaded. Fast-forward a little more and we end up doing a double-date with our partners at a show. Then he's down in LA and we end up in a drunken three-way dogpile at my friend's place. I knew my friend would like him. He has a thing for the blond, blue-eyed type. And then just a couple of days ago, he's back in LA and I'm rubbing the huge load that I milked out of him evenly across his chest and mine, sealing us together as I grill him on his life.

I've had some awesome anonymous encounters that make me kick my heels up and flail like Snoopy doing his happy dance. What?  We CAN have the Chex party mix? Yay!

But I always end up asking for a repeat. And It seems like with every repeat, I want to delve further and further into personal matters. Maybe it's me being aggressive and demanding more and more of a person. Or maybe it's me wanting to enhance the waning sexual intensity of a repeat with the the added bonus and flare of extra intimacy in approximated friendship.

And that's where it gets confused. Sometimes I feel strangely detached as I recall details to inquire about the failing relationship with the significant other or the stresses from a demanding job. A little hollow as I'm persistent on getting an answer but a little routine and insufficient in sincerity. A shell, a container. Sucking up details to embellish a body that's not even mine. Hoarding collections of other personalities to substitute for my own lack of self.

This is what I thought of as I had my raw dick in a beautiful boy that's visibly wrestling with conflicting feelings, physically pulling me in and whining when I withdraw, but whispering protests while I slam it back in deep. So I stop and go back in to taste the sweet trace of whiskey on his breath and then roll off him. He's been more and more drunk on every visit and I put the pieces together in my head. He's a little aimless, jobs here and there but nothing that has yet yielded a profession. Actor, Realtor  internet startups. Then the push and pull, wanting me but not. He inquires about my partner and is confused as to why we're still together. I don't offer an easy explanation. And he protests in a slur across several octaves that he's not drunk when I express concern. But I still manage to get my dick back inside him and fuck with his head for a bit, making him beg for my load inside him before pulling out and shooting all over his chest.

Not sure why I pressed so hard. He wanted "something chill." Just some fun. An escape. And I pressed anyway to satisfy my own desire for... what? Just sucking the essence out of a person in a different way? I'm not sure.

And this could be something that comes across as kinda harsh on myself, but it's not that big of a struggle. Still detached and a bit apathetic. Still empty. I'm struggling less with what I'm doing and more on figuring out the name of that novel... that more and more reminds me of someone I know.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally! Success!

Finally! A craigslist visitor gets me off.  Funny thing is: we were both out-of-towners... and had flown in from the same home airport!

I was out of town for work.  Didn't have any work obligations in the afternoon so went searching Craigslist for some action.  I was in the downtown district, full of hotels serving the convention center and neighboring tourist attractions.  Honestly, I wasn't even sure which ad I had answered.  I just knew he was into oral based off of the subject line.  I actually didn't have high expectations since I answered his ad in the morning and told him I wouldn't be free until the afternoon. He said that was fine and to check in when I'm free.

I did. He didn't respond right away, so I had already moved on and fired up Grindr. There was a latino guy in the neighborhood that was all over me, but when it came time to seal the deal, he hesitated. I was blunt. I called him out on stalling. Turned out, he was hesitating because he "wasn't a small guy". It was then time for me to hesitate. How do I let him know that beefier guys turn me on? Sure. Love a worked out guy, but the meaty boys seem to be the ones that can take a pounding without complaining. Besides, I have some warped body image myself and scrawnier twink types just brings up bad memories.

It took some work, but after a bit of coaxing I was in his bed working on nipples that were wired to his dick (and you guys know I love niple play). He was tight as hell, but I still managed to work my cock inside him with just spit as lube. Just a few minutes into it and he was already at the point of exploding. I just pumped faster as he lost his load with his legs in the air, toes curling from the strength of the orgasm.

Quick rinse in his shower and, the slut that I am, I was barely out the door when I checked my email. The out-of-towner hotel guy replied. Two emails back and forth while I'm in the other guy's parking lot and I was on my way.

Like I mentioned, I barely remember the ad that he placed, but I was still chubbed up from the previous fuck and was aching to get back into a warm, moist channel.  Sure, he was probably just into oral, but what the fuck. Why not ask? Texting and driving, swerving in traffic in a town I barely knew, I got to his hotel armed with the knowledge that we're both tops.

Beggars can't be choosers. I really needed to get off since work had me going non-stop for awhile and I was backed up with a six-day load.

Not knowing what to expect, he totally blew me away when he answered the door. I have a habit of thinking I'm taller than I am, so he's probably my height, but he had about twenty pounds of muscle on me.  Greeting me with a firm handshake and a warm, friendly smile, I faltered a bit in response. A bit overwhelmed by the confidence and the masculinity he oozed just from saying hello.

By the time I got through the threshold, he pulled me in close and went in for a deep kiss. No question that this guy knew what he wanted and didn't have any problem leading his lover. I had planned on trying to flip him, but my resolve faltered.  I matched him in passion though. As our lips locked, I pulled him close and hugged him hard. The palm of my hand reached under his shirt, fingers spread as to make up for the small surface area my puny hands made in covering his expansive, muscular back. My other hand reached up and joined, playfully exploring every inch of his back as I pulled him in, melting into each other with the kiss.

His kiss was equally passionate and responsive. Push and pull, lead and follow, back and forth. Whenever I'd exhaust myself from my efforts, he took over and vice versa. I pulled his shirt off him; he pulled mine off. He reached for my fly and I reached for his.  His thick slab of meat, when freed from his undies, pulsed against me impressively.

I started to lead him to the bed while we were still making out.  He broke the kiss for a second to smile, the condescending smile of a guy that thought it was cute having a puppy jumping around at your ankles yipping, like the pup actually stood a chance at being the alpha. But he let me push him back onto the bed.

As a test, I tried to kick his knees apart, but he had them firmly planted where they were.

That's when I saw his eraser tipped nips. Fuck, they just called out to be nibbled on. I started to play with them, gradually working up the pressure and I felt his hard cock pulse even harder against me. Today was my lucky day. Two guys with wired nips! With my fingers interlocked with his over his shoulders, I threw my weight on him and settled in for a long bout of nipple play. Gasps and sighs, his body shuddered and convulsed with both pleasure and pain. I worked them to such a sensitivity that just my hot breath would send him into convulsions. The vibrations in the air as I spoke to him, millimeters away from his nipples made him cry out and crest goose bumps across his chest in a gentle wave.

Another test of his knees and I kicked them apart easily. I grabbed them slightly and they raised with me as I moved up to make out some more.

Grinding against him, we made out for awhile and he flipped me onto my back. The cross dangling from his chain was getting in the way, so he slid it around and threw it to his back. Sliding down, his lips made contact with my cock and I nearly screamed. The intensity of our session surprised me and my aching cock was hypersensitive. He already had my cock drooling and I was loving the way he lapped it up, but I had other plans. I flipped us back around and worked on his knob. Fuck, it was a nice fuck stick. Thick like the rest of him and uncut. So hard that it was practically fully unsheathed. I still liked working my tongue under his skin though. My stubble on his balls made him gasp, so I worked myself lower and lapped at his sack. Grabbing my head involuntarily, he pushed my down and I worked even lower and lapped as his taint. I was pretty sure I had him now.  Letting my drool slide down into his crack, I worked it in with a finger. Spat on his hole, spat in my hand. Stroked my cock to a slimey wetness and looked down at him. He was ready. I worked the tip of the head in and his eyes rolled. God, he was tight. Tighter than a ziploc bag fused shut.

He started to pull away from me and I thought he was trying to call it off, but instead, he reached for a bottle of poppers hidden in the darkness. Quick deep hits. A pause for them to take effect. And I pushed in steadily when I felt him flower open. My cock felt all kinds of right sheathed in his hole. It was a nice, leisurely fuck while we made out and I found a position that he responded to. When I started to hone in, he broke the silence.

"Lemme get a condom."

For a split second, I toyed with the idea of letting him know that I hadn't shot my load in days and he was doing all sorts of magic to make my cock leak like crazy, so he was probably already absorbing my fluids and a bit of me was probably already coursing through his veins, but I owed it to him to not let him freak out afterwards. He was making me feel all sorts of good. He had already reached over and unwrapped a rubber while these thoughts shot through my head, so I pulled out and suited up before plunging back in.

I found my rhythm when he asked, "Are you close?"

"Fuck yeah, I can shoot at any time."

That's all he needed to hear. He let go and stopped from keeping his load at bay. A steady jerk of his cock and then I started to hear his breathing change. His eyes furrowed. His eyes half-closed. And I gave myself permission to let it all go. The interplay back and forth never stopped and the crescendo was the same. I could almost see him build up to a powerful orgasm. It was like watching a stretched rubberband in slow-motion, from the tension in his jaw to the the flexed calf over my shoulder, I could almost see his whole body contract to unleashed the power behind his nuts as he released his first shot across his stomach. All that energy, tightening around my cock made me shoot and I slammed it in hard and deep, unloading hard. We were both epileptic messes twitching and tightening around each other as the rare beauty of cumming at the same time cascaded around us. It felt like minutes, but merely lasted a couple seconds. And at then end I collapsed hard.

We both started to chuckle at the same time. It's all you can do when it's that good.

I pulled out and was still semi-hard. The reservoir completely full and heavy and a good amount of cum swimming up my length. For a guy used to masturbating every day or every other day, it was kinda neat to see a porn star load in the spent condom.

A bit of chit chat afterward and that's when I found out that we're both from LA and here on business. Funny how it took travels to another town to meet him...  and to finally end my streak of not shooting with a Craigslist visitor!

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Mean play is hot"

So when you post a Craigslist ad that says (in part) "mean play is hot", you're going to bring out the worse (best?) in me.

I didn't ask for a pic.  I didn't need it.  I was horned up as hell and it sounded like he was going to be a hot one in bed.  6'4" tall, blond, blue-eyed and eager to please a top.  Without even asking, he gave me permission to take pics of our play while I'm there.  Love a nasty, piggy bottom. I entered his hotel room and he was already waiting for me on all fours on the floor.  The curtains were open, flooding the room with the evening light, a spotlight on his upturned ass winking at me.

It looked like he had cleaned out for me, too.  I spied a crumpled up water bottle in the bathroom.  I knew how it ended up there.  When I got to him, his ass was moist from the lube that he had used.

"Fuck yeah, pig.  That hole ready for a pounding?"

I simultaneously reached into my pocket with one hand for my phone and used the other to unbutton and drop my shorts to the floor.  His head sank a bit and he sighed when he heard the sound.

I let my cock, already hard from the sight of his ass, flop onto his ass and snapped a couple of pics.  I could feel that the warmth of the sun had soaked into his back and ass as I let my cock rest there. It was awkward though.  Fuck, the dude was tall.  I had to throw down the phone and grab his waist, pulling him back and down like a z-fold letter.

"You know that your ass is mine now, right?"

"Yes, sir!"

"That's right, you fucking cunt."

And with that, I poised my cock at his hole and pushed into him in one hard thrust.

He immediately tried to reject me and pulled away, but I was prepared.  I still had my hold on him and kept him in place.  In fact, I held him and pulled him even closer.  I wanted him to feel every inch of my hot, bare cock in his hole.  I made it pulse for extra measure.

"C'mon, boy. You know this is what you wanted. Hard dick up your fucking pussy. You want this, right? You were born for this, huh?  Answer me boy!"

I wanted an answer.  So I let go, raised both hands high and let them land flat on his ass with a hard smack that stung my hands.

"Yes! Yes!" he wimpered in a half sob.

I felt his hole contract around my cock sending ripples of pleasure through my body.

He was ready. His body had adjusted. That's when I started to tear it into him with a hard fuck that I'm sure would leave him with a rug burn. We had already scooted off the towel he laid for himself and I was just getting started. Obscenities flew out of my mouth, some that surprised even me. And then I slowed down.  Slowed down to snap some more pics and to let him recover. I didn't want his body to get used to the abuse. I eased off so that each time I ramped up, his body would feel the onslaught fresh.

At one point, I spread his ass and pumped it in deep. Too deep as he yelped and started to move away. Instead of letting him get away, I just threw my whole body against him and fell onto him so he was flat on the floor. Can't get away from me that easily!  A few more thrusts like that with him flat on the floor when I caught the glint of his wedding band as he was pulling at the carpet for some relief.

"You like being used by anonymous men, huh, you little bitch?"

I pulled out completely.

"Get up. On your back."

He paused.  I'm not sure if he wanted to see my face or not. He probably wanted it completely anonymous, ashamed at his desires and not willing to face his attraction to men. I didn't care. I didn't ask again. I wasn't going to be just a disembodied toy that he used to fuck himself with. I just smacked him on the ass and he knew I meant it.

His legs were a little wobbly as he stood up. It didn't matter. He was going back down anyway.

Pushed him onto the bed and his legs flew up. Grabbed them and let them rest on my shoulders while I repositioned my hands on his thighs and pulled, making him slide halfway off the bed. My cock met him half the way off and after bending at the knees slightly, I was in position and slammed it home. His eyes widened as I fucked him.

Grabbed his cock, which was rock hard throughout the ordeal, and let the rhythm of my fuck be mini strokes on his cock. Not full strokes. I didn't want to get him off just yet. But it was too late. I could see the look of yearning in his eyes. He was close.

"Don't you fucking shoot, boy. If you do, I'm not stopping until I'm done. I don't care how sensitive you are after you shoot."

I spat on him to let him know I was serious. He recoiled with shock, but that was also what set him off. I felt his cock pulse in my hand, so I pounded him even harder and faster to make his orgasm last. And I kept it up til long after he was finished, gasping for air from it all.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't continue. He was wincing pretty hard. His body writhed and jerked at every thrust trying to get away from me. I knew I was hurting him pretty bad. And not in a good way.

I held still and smiled.

"You're done, huh?"

"Yeah.  I'm sorry." And I knew he meant it. He really wanted me to get off. But I didn't want to jerk myself off. I wanted to unload in a hole. I reached over for my phone to snap a pic of my handiwork.

"Just don't get my face."

"I'll get your face in the shot if I want to, bitch." But by that time, my voice sounded foreign to me.  Feigned and inauthentic. Eh, it sounded good in my head.

He emailed me a few times that night telling me how he loved it.  He was ready for another round.  But it was too late.  I was already home with my own partner nesting before nodding off to bed. Still can't get a Craiglist hotel visitor to get me off! I don't think I'm that long-lasting of a top either. I was in an out in probably half an hour.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another side to muscles

Technology has a way of both making the world seem ginormous and frustratingly close/small.  On the one hand, it has the unique position of making you wonder at the fact that hey, there are a lot of people like me in the world and they're all over the place.  Whether that be a forum for left-handed auctioneers that have mothers whose name starts with the letter "B" or something else equally obscure, there are others out there like you.  And then there's the flipside where you're like, damn the world is small.  Maybe it's the fact that even though you met your partner on totally independent means, there was really only one or two degrees of separation between the two of you.  Or in this case, you keep on bumping to the same guy over and over in different contexts in a city of millions.

I was on Grindr when I saw the pic-less profile of a bottom within close geographical range.  Reading the stats, I knew exactly who it was.  It was muscles.  The big brawny black guy that I fuck anonymously every now and then.  He's always waiting there with his ass in the air and freshly lubed for me to fuck.  Sometimes I cum and fling the used, filled condom on him as I pull up my pants and walk out the door.  Other times, he shoots his load when I'm fucking him and then tightens up too much for me to continue.  Other than that, the scene is usually the same.

How could I tell?  Well, there aren't too many black men in this part of town.  But more than that, the stats sounded right.  6'3" and 275# of muscle.  So I messaged him and sure enough, it was him.

He said another top was on his way, so if I were quick, I'd be able to join in.  Of course, he's said that to me a couple times before, so I can't tell if that's just his usual ploy to cut to the chase and get rid of the time wasters or if it's real.  The other top is never there.  And this time around, Grindr got wonky and I wasn't able to message him when I was parking so I just rang his door bell.  He answered naked.  Smiled.  It was the first time really seeing his face in the light.  My neck got a little sore craning up to look at him and I got a bit of vertigo as my eyes shifted in and out of focus trying to get his huge muscular expanse into frame.  Seriously.  I wouldn't doubt him a bit if he told me he had a 60" chest and 30" waist.  The hidden muscles on my body, muscles I could only barely feel were clearly outlined on his body.  And then I'd do what any gay guy would do.  I looked down.  Holy shit!  He wasn't even hard, but that piece of meat was thick and a good half a foot long.  And that was using the ruler of the gods maybe.  Didn't realize what I was missing out on taking him from behind.  I remembered only touching it once before, but his chest was so massive it was a struggle wrapping myself around it from behind and also reaching down to tug on the fucking thing.

We started things a bit slow as I inquired about the other top.  The vibe was really just nice and casual, but I knew he wanted to get things started with the way he kept on glancing at my crotch.  I dropped my shorts and he touched me for the first time, placing his hands on my hip and then the other wrapped around my cock as he gave it a squeeze.  Before I was finished pulling my shirt off, he swallowed it down.  And he was good.  A big guy with absolutely no problems taking me all the way down his throat until my pubes tickled his nose.  On hindsight, I should have let that go on for awhile.  Instead, I ordered him to turn around.  He looked up at me at that point and it was a huge power trip.  Pleading eyes.  Wanting me to give it to him so bad.  This huge guy that could crush me if he wanted, reduced to a little kid whose toy was taken away from him.  He rose and got some lube to get himself ready and then presented me with his beautiful ass.  Damn, it looked good.  Nice round bubble mounds on a tight, slim waist yet firm to the touch.  They were muscular.  There really is not an ounce of body fat on this guy.  I quickly wrapped up, aimed, and fucked my tool inside him in a steady rhythm as stroked himself.  These little high-pitched whimpers are a big contrast to his deep, masculine baritone voice.  And me, this smaller guy dominating him and bending down to trash talk into his ear as I make sure he feels every inch that he's submitting himself to.  And I didn't relent when he started to cum, wailing and sobbing as I fucked his load out.

Afterwards, I'm thinking, "God, I love technology" and "Why didn't I come back for this more often?". With the little waves invisibly echoing through the air from cellular and WiFi signals connecting us all, building visibility to a network that gets us closer together in tight patterns, we still sometimes find new paths that open new doors that surprise you.  And sometimes chasing the fresh and new to fight the claustrophobia of this tightening net kinda obscures the fact that the channels run deep and that the fresh and new was right under your nose. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

New bud: sporty spice

Sometimes I think that the hardest thing for me to do is find a gay platonic friend.  I always sabotage myself with hidden motives, picking out guys that could easily bring my cock to full attention or letting the connection die out with guys that can't (not just superficially, but also having that joie de vivre that makes me wanna bone a dude).  But as I was standing there with my lips locked onto his, water pelting us from the showerhead above, I gave up on shielding myself with false categories and freed myself from the little convenient, invisible cages that I pretend help me make sense in navigating the world.  I just let him melt into my arms.

We originally met on Growlr.  Of all things, he showed up on my screen as being a few hundred feet away because he was out on a date.  What caught my eye was that he was into sports.  Not just a Lakers or Dodgers fan, but a guy that actually played pickup games and such.  It ran the gamut.  Flag football and slow-pitch softball, both of which I don't get because the strategy is so much different than the traditional games you watch.  And then, of course, beach volleyball.  So we started making plans to meet up for a few games.  It never happened but I got a kick out of asking him about his dates.  A young army brat here.  A club hookup.  A guy that was an asshole, but they still fucked anyway.  The conversation naturally devolved into show-me-yours-and-i'll-show-you-mine.  We unlocked our private pics and fuck he's hot.  My height, cute face.  A fuzzy body that makes me want to play slip and slide on and an ass that makes my mouth water.  A couple days later:

"I'm confused."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, you are Asian, right?"

"Yeah.  Made in America from Asian parts, but yes."

"But you have a HUGE fuckin' dick!"

"Ha!  Don't believe the myth!"


"Actually, I don't think it's really that big.  Last I measured was in college and it was only about 6.5"

"But I'm the same size and yours looks bigger!"

"Well, I guess it just photographs well.  Must be good camera tricks.  Or I'm lame and can't measure right."

Two days later

"Now I'm confused," I messaged.


"Are you a bottom?"

"Oh, yeah."

It wasn't a dismissive statement.  At least I didn't take it that way.  Instead, I took it as an invitation to get into his shorts.  So when I had the place to myself, I spontaneously messaged him to invite him over.  I was kinda surprised that he agreed.  So much so that I wasn't even quite prepared for it.  I hadn't even showered or brushed my teeth yet.  But as to not delay, he suggested we shower together.  I was easily persuaded   And a little surprised.  Even with all the sexting and playful flirting banter, I somehow managed to still convince myself that we were only interested in each other as platonic friends.  How's that for delusional.  But when he got to my place, there was no mistaking that sexual tension.  We tried to keep it casual but within five minutes I had him naked and in my arms.  Literally in my arms.  He's a couple inches shorter than me and I picked him up and pinned him against the wall while he wrapped his legs around me.  Once I was in his magnetic field, we locked together hard.

We managed to break apart at some point to get in the shower, but I don't remember how.  I just remember being there with him.  Sucking each other, feeling each other, lathering each other up, my cock sinking deep inside him.  The water cascading down on us wasn't a distraction.  It acted more like warm glue keeping us locked together rather than repelling us and splitting us apart.  Yes, it made my hands slip and slide across his body but it enabled me to feel a different texture across his fuzzy chest... a surprise, a sensation that made me want to consume him.

I think the idea was to shower up so that we could properly enjoy each other in the bedroom but we had too much fun and lost our loads underneath the water just as the shower started to turn cold.  He had one hand on the wall, supporting himself, as I held both his hips and fucked my cock into him in a steady rhythm when his knees suddenly buckled.  Water was splashing up and out in beautiful arcs like a kid stomping on puddles.  I was enjoying that playful and somewhat violent image, enjoying the slight sting of the wet collision when he suddenly mumbled something and turned around, trying to regain his motor functions as he shot his load.  The sight brought me over the edge and with a couple of tugs, I quickly followed suit.  When he left, I was on an amazing high where it didn't matter what happened next because either way, we shared something really nice and it doesn't matter what I call him...  a friend?  a fuck buddy?  a trick?  I have a hunch that it's not the last I'll see of him and how we relate to each other will continue to beautifully evolve, morph beyond the simple conventions I have in my mind, destroying the neat little categories I place people in.  But I'll still try to pin him into one, creating a new and complex and completely worthless category that holds just one person... and I welcome his challenge to let it all go.

Friday, April 5, 2013

I'm a cocksucker

It's not that I don't like to suck on the first "date"...  Sometimes, I just don't think I do it well.  Honestly, I didn't understand the fuss until college, when I decided to give the cruisy bathrooms a try.  There, a guy didn't suck me, but milked the cum straight out of my nuts through through oral channels alone.  Sucking almost seems like a misnomer compared to what he did.  There really wasn't that much suction at all.  Instead, his mouth just seemed to envelop my cock completely on all sides in a warm moist chamber.  A perfect fit that felt like home.  The warmth, the moist feeling surrounding all sides of my cock and the modulations with his tongue and throat just made me shoot in under a minute and I still remember my knees buckling at that moment, thinking "Fuck, now I know what it's all about."

Me?  I just not confident enough that I can do the same job.  But that didn't stop me from trying with guys that didn't know any better whenever I got the itch to go on my knees.

First, it was a stocky east coast transplant that lived by the beach.  He was straight/bi and he swore I gave the best blowjobs he's ever had, despite being a bit of a player with the ladies and having sampled many mouths.  Most guys I'd doubt the boasting, but I do remember a couple of occasions where his girlfriends would call and leave a message on the machine while he was busy watching pussy porn and shooting his load down my throat.  Unfortunately, he moved away.

Second was another bi guy that lives on my route home.  We first met about seven or eight years ago when I answered his craigslist ad after a late night at the office.  I was worn out, but I also just needed to get off.  I didn't care what we did.  Good thing cause I left with his load in my tummy after he thoroughly assaulted my throat with his 8-inch cock.  Maybe it was 9 inches.  He forced that thing down so deep, tears welled up in my eyes and I was still coughing and gagging on the road home afterward, snot running down my face.

When he texted me the other day, I was in the mood again.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's all the chatting about blowjobs with the bloggers and his text just came right at the best time.  Our texts always have the efficiency of a pawn store transaction.  A rapid ping-pong of dates and times and sometimes we have a deal and sometimes we don't and just walk away.  That day, I didn't have any lunch appointments or anything in the afternoon, so I headed over and took my place between his knees as usual.

This guy is a stunning 6'4", slim with a boyishly handsome face.  Really, he's a good-lookin' kid.  And by kid, I mean he's in his mid-thirties like me, but he has a job that keeps him youthful.  He teaches after-school programs, coaches kids in soccer and other sports.  He's usually in gym shorts or track pants when I come over.  A jock, but not in the traditional gay sense of a worked-out guy with a gym body that couldn't handle contact sports.

And a cock that's long, completely straight, always hard as a rock and shoots geysers that rival old faithful.

I start by lapping at the tip, moistening his tool a bit so that my lips can later glide effortlessly up and down.  Then I envelop the head, making sure my lips create a seal around it completely as I swallow, making my tongue undulate across the bottom.  His cock pulses and hardens even more with the attention.  Open wide and slide down another couple inches before I lock down again.  First the seal, then the tongue.  Then I rush the last few inches and start to gag.  He uses that opportunity when my throat opens, trying to dislodge his massive meat to instead force it straight down.  He holds the back of my head in place and keeps my head buried in his pubes and my body protests and revolts.  He lets out a low snarl before he lets go.  But I don't give up.  Instead, I take a few deep breaths, as much as I could muster with half his cock down my throat before I slide down the shaft.  Long, slow strokes up and and down.  It slips down past the narrow channel of my throat by an inch.  Another stroke and I get two inches in.

"Fuck your throat is tight."

Then he reaches for my head and forces me down again.

Gag, choke, spittle flying, gasp for air.

And the game plays on like that.  Him forcing it down... me trying to accommodate.  He backs off a few times and grabs his dick while I lap at his nuts.  He's gotten too close to the edge.  On the third time, I lap lower and swipe across his taint and his back arches.  Then my tongue dives in further and laps at his hole.  It's really the first time I'm rimming him and instead of being shocked, he slinks lower in the chair and hikes one ankle onto a desk to give me better access.  That works me up and then I go back to his cock with renewed energy.  My finger plays with his hole and I can feel his tight sphincter throbbing with blood, unaccustomed to anything playing with it.  I work a finger in and he's going crazy, forgetting about holding my head down.  But he stops me.  And stands up.  Pushes me back onto my haunches.

I'm a good two feet away when he gives his cock a couple of strokes and shoots me directly in the face.  His next shot goes a little high and I can feel it rain down on my hair while a trailing tail lands perfectly from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose.  The next shot goes dangerously close to the eye, so he aims up and lets it rain down on me again, hitting me on the cheek and chest.  A couple of smaller spurts that lie wasted on the floor between us when I close the gap and take him into my mouth once again.  It just barely softens, enough for me to swallow it all the way down and nurse on the remaining seed in his shaft.  A couple of strokes of my own took me over the edge and my load puddles on the floor, mixing a bit with his.  I back off and my throat lets go of his shaft.  My tongue involuntarily snakes out and tries to lick the cum off from around my lips.  God that felt good.

Driving back to work with the smell of cum and musk still faintly wafting up my nose, I text him to thank him.  He found that funny since "the pleasure was all his...  literally."  I've asked him before why he keeps on coming back to me since I know there are guys that can deep throat better than me.

"Nah.  I actually like it when you gag."

I know exactly what he means.  And that's when I chuckle 'cause it sounds exactly like something I would say.  And I then realize why I keep coming back.  That fucker is just like me.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hotel visitors (4)

"You think two swipes of the tongue is gonna give you access to my ass?"

Yeah, I kinda did.

He was a business executive in town for a conference and had posted an ad on craigslist looking for some oral action and maybe more.  He was pretty blunt and up front about everything.  He's older, stocky.  Turned out to be an Italian guy from New York.

He was a really put together kind of guy.  A great kisser.

After a bit, he sucked me for awhile and was fan-fucking-tastic.  Just the right amount of suction.  No teeth.  Worked it to the back of his throat and made me feel good.  When he had his fill, he asked, "So you wanna suck me some?"

Ha!  Kind of the stereotypical blunt, New Yorker-type straight-forwardness.

"We'll see."

We made out some more and I played with his cock, his balls, his taint, and finally his hole.  He sighed deeply when I touched his pucker.  I knew what he wanted.  That's when I worked myself lower and lapped as his cock a couple of times and then worked my tongue lower to his balls and his hole.

That's when he said it.  I knew differently, though.  As much as he was putting up some macho front, he wanted his hole taken.

I chuckled a bit and came back up to make out some more.  Settling between his legs, they slowly raised higher and higher as I tried to consume him.  Nuzzle his neck, nibble at his ear... My cock was drooling and he could feel it.

"Damn you precum a lot."

Spat on the palm of my hand and worked it onto the tip of my cock before settling it back between his legs.  I pointed it and worked the head in.  Another sigh.  Then his hole relaxed and let me in another inch before squeezing tight.  Then relaxed and another inch.  When I bottomed out, he grabbed me and pulled me forward.

It was a slow steady fuck while I looked into his eyes.  He was rock hard and I held it, but he tried to knock my hand off.  He was really close already.

"Just don't cum in me."

I nodded.  Forehead against forehead I rocked it into him until he shot his load.  It was nice feeling his hole contract around my cock as he shot.  And he shot hard.

"Fuck, that was intense.  Not what I expected.  At all."

Yeah.  Two swipes of the tongue is enough.  Especially when I knew he loved his hole being played with.